V is for …

Vivacious – exhibiting or characterized by liveliness and high-spiritedness. (Encarta Dictionary) It’s funny, how this letter V has been evading me. I want it to speak of Victory, because victory is such an obvious V word. But the Spirit keeps nudging me with Vivacious! How can that be me? Vivacious can also mean: full of life and spirited. It’s a great way for me to see myself as vivacious, as I see myself in Christ. I might compare myself to a Volcano, on the outside I may appear peaceful and maybe even stoic, but on the inside there is constant movement churning and bubbling up inside with occasional bursts of excitement and fiery energy. I have great passion and once in awhile it can’t help but spill out all over the place. I find it creeping into my writing, those ah-ha moments as the light switch gets turned on and this normally quiet gal can’t contain the glee inside. I’m hoping this vivacious woman will come out and play more often in the coming years.

Another V is Voice: I am using, discovering, defining, refining, and learning about my voice. I like to say I’m “finding my voice.” This is an intricate and subtle word, as well as, an upfront, obvious word. Voice can refer to literally using my voice to speak, or sing, which I do. This part doesn’t show up as much in my positive change category other than the choices I make in when and how. What words will bring healing and which will cause hurt? When should I bite my tongue and when is it best to speak out. And who, who do I speak to and why. Sometimes I can gossip right along with the best/worst of them and sometimes I complain to someone who can’t make the changes I desire. These are important things I am becoming more aware of.

Voice also has meaning in regards to writing. How am I perceived? I’d like to think my voice is conversational, exciting, honest, simple, straight-forward, and paints pictures in the mind of my readers. I want my voice to be inspiring and encouraging, yet sometimes I feel I come across as lost and confused, maybe even lacking. I want my voice to be easy, beautiful, and comfortable. Not so much that you would fall asleep but more that you would feel hugged.

I really do need to include Victory in my list, for it truly changes my life, consistently. I just don’t want to take all the credit since every victory comes out of relationship. God, first and foremost, orchestrates every victory I’ve ever experienced and even when I can’t win the battle, he gives me his victory. I have victory in my marriage, not on my own but because of efforts on my husband’s part. I have victory in my health, requiring doctors, counselors, surgeons, internet bloggers, and even farmers. I have victory in my walk with God, due to pastors, friends, evangelists, and teachers. The more I am open in relationships, both current and new, the more I expect the victories in my life will be exponential.

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