W is for …

As I’m coming to these last letters I find I am anxious to be done. Let’s face it – the end of the alphabet is full of letters that are not all that impressive. I’ve managed to salvage Q, but what will I do tomorrow with X, and what about Z? W will be hard enough, and Y not much better to write about. However, W has some good Words, so let’s not Worry about tomorrow!

Some very important changes in my life begin with W. The obvious one is Writing. Even as a teenager I received encouragement from my mom and my English teachers regarding my writing. But at that time in my life, I never even thought of pursuing writing as anything more than just a creative outlet. Now it is part of my dream, and not just my dream, but my reality – I am writing. This path I’m on is no longer one that travels around in circles; it is a path that carries me on a journey to a place of fulfillment. Comparable to my Christian Walk, I may stumble and fall a few times, but I learn in the process. Every step forward is just that, a step forward. I may need to study my grammar and punctuation again, but I write fearlessly. Many times I have felt like the tree that falls in the forest with no one around to hear it. Am I making a sound? There are so many trees in this forest of writing; it’s enough to make anyone feel insignificant! So I can’t pursue this for the fame or the fortune, neither of which is likely to happen, I pursue this writing to be me. This is part of what makes me different from somebody else. Yet in the same moment it is what makes me just like somebody else. Writers are only good writers if they connect in some way to their readers.

Another Way of connecting with others, besides Writing Words, is speaking Words. Something I incorporate more and more into my life is speaking out loud. For instance, one of my friends tells me they are having trouble of some sort and ask if I would pray for them. Then of course, I respond affirmatively and go on my merry way most likely forgetting to pray at all. Now I manage to respond out loud right then and there with a quick prayer, not to impress, but because people are important and they should feel they are important enough to matter. Speaking words is also important when I am trying to second guess how someone (like my husband) is feeling by reading their body language. I have trouble letting go of the feeling that somehow I have done something wrong to cause the reactions I’m seeing, but I’ve learned if I just ask, it may be something totally unrelated. I’m learning not to assume. Body language may clue you into something going on, but words are the only way to know for sure. I’m getting better in this area but I still have issues with phone calls, but they fit this category, too.

Wow! I’m already at my goal! But one more for the road: Wonder – amazed admiration or awe, especially at something very beautiful or new (Encarta Dictionary.) I am spending more time enjoying the experience of wonder.

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