X, Y, Z is for …

I’ve come to a decision; I only have enough to say if I do all the last three letters together. With X, Y, Z, representing together the end of the alphabet, I come to the end of this particular journey.

By all rights X starts very, very few words. On the other hand E-X is the beginning of some very excellent and exciting words. Since I don’t want to steal from the rightful owner of these letter E words I have decided to use the letter X as an example of the lessons I have learned. The letter X rarely puts itself first; instead it likes to partner with the letter E. I find I am usually making a mistake if I’m trying to accomplish something on my own. I am much stronger in the company of others, whether it is God, my husband, my children, my parents, my friends, or my co-workers. If I really want to see results, I’m a fool if I try to do it on my own.

This leads to Y. Y for me stands for Yielding. Another way to look at this is to know when to pick a fight. I have many times considered my way is the right way and you are being unreasonable having any other opinion! Now I try to live in peace as much as I can, and I try not to hold a superior sulking attitude if I do yield. I’m definitely not perfect, I still tend to think my way is the right way, but I’m much more willing to let you hold your own opinion without feeling I need to convince you otherwise. Of course I’m more than happy to tell you how fabulous my way is, LOL! I have to yield many times a day, especially at work. I’m going to be a little mean – I work in a grocery store, and one of my pet peeves is customers who think they are the exception to the rules; they want to “work around the system”. I don’t do that myself so why should I allow them to do it? My employer wants me to be polite and give them what they ask for, because they don’t want to lose their business. So despite my own judgment (rules are for following) I yield because that is what my employer wants me to do. Most times it’s not this hard, it’s more like letting my husband watch Call of the Wildman, when I’d rather watch Project Runway.

Hooray! I’ve made it to the letter Z with only a few words left to write. Z is for Zealous and Z is for Zany! Two words I’m not afraid of bringing into my life. Zealous means actively and unreservedly enthusiastic (Encarta) and Zany means entertainingly strange or amusingly unusual (Encarta). I want my life to be full of life and if that means being a little zealous or even a little zany, God bless it!

May God richly bless you with positive changes in your own life this year. Thank for joining me in this journey from A-Z.

4 thoughts on “X, Y, Z is for …

  1. Thank YOU for doing this and sharing it with us, Sandy. Your honest and frank thoughts have thrown a few challenges my way this month. I liked today’s “X” especially. And I too long for an abundance of Z. Oh! Y is one of my most difficult struggles every day….Hmmm. Turns out XYZ are not just bothersome details to finish out the assignment….some BIG challenges here.

  2. I agree with Elaine. These were eXtremely significant thoughts, I will carry with me! You did such a great job with all of these and made it so much fun! So creative and inspiring! What is up your sleeve, next?

    1. Thank you, Sharon. It has been such a pleasure having support from the friends I’ve made through Tribe Writers. Next on my list is that devotional and back to class!

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