A few Sundays back our worship leader was filling in at church while our pastor took vacation. He spoke about the Holy Spirit and trusting what He is speaking in our spirits. He also communicated he felt like that day would be a turning point we would remember in days to come.

I took this to heart and have actively listened for the voice of the Holy Spirit in my own life. I have this sense of some major decisions and major changes coming quickly in my own life. I’m experiencing trepidation and excitement. His leading is gentle and patient. I want to jump in blindly or put on the brakes and say “it’s not possible.” He says this is a time for discovery a time for gathering information. He says he will bless whatever I choose to do. He invites me to put out a “fleece.”

My mind is overflowing with this one idea and how it all works together and what it includes and what my vision is for it. I want this to be where I’m being led so badly that I’m afraid I will put my own will before God’s will and I will take the leap before I’m meant to.

I still need to “break it down before I breakdown” but I want to put this out there. Why? because It’s time to seek confirmation. My request is that you would seek a word from the Holy Spirit for me and comment here or on my Facebook page. I’m not feeling I’m at the point to share what my idea is publicly, yet, so I’m really having to trust the Holy Spirit to speak to and through you.

Sometimes exercising faith can be harder than physical exercise! I know I haven’t been writing here consistently so I don’t even know if many of my Facebook friends will even see this… Wow! Did you just see that? I’m preparing myself to be disappointed. I’m not going to do that anymore! I will wait in anticipation for however God chooses to direct me, whether it be huge point blank confirmations or quiet gentle stirrings. I’m ready! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stirrings

  1. I will simply say — from what you have revealed this week — I believe you are contemplating embarking on a “project for which you are completely ready. In fact you have arrived at this point after fulfilling your desire for a large family — which, by the way, can also be considered a great form of preparation for this stage of your life! NOW IS YOUR TIME!

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