Okay, I didn’t post yesterday because it’s hard to write about how much I’m feeling better with these supplements when I was under the weather with the flu. So I gave myself the day off from writing. 

So if you read my previous post on Tulsi you will be ahead of the game understanding Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is also an adaptogenic herb which has been shown to have many benefits. My introduction to Ashwagandha came again through information given in a webinar. The main reason I decided to take it was to support my thyroid. The reason I continue to take it is because the benefit I find it brings in my ability to deal with stress. It has some of the same benefits as Tulsi with additional benefits of improving brain health, and increasing stamina. Having my mother-in-law pass from Alzheimer’s disease I will probably continue to take this throughout my life.

I am purposely not being thorough in my explanations, hoping if you are interested, you will look into these herbs yourself or ask your doctor if they are a good option for you. Even though I came across these two doing my own research my doctor has approved my continued usage of them.

I don’t know who said this first but I believe when it comes to health it is important to be your own advocate. I also believe that for me this is inclusive of God for just as He is able to heal He is also able to guide.

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