Honestly I would rather write about exotic herbs than something boring sounding like magnesium. Magnesium isn’t something new or revolutionary. Most people have heard of magnesium. So why  should you take the time to learn more about it? Magnesium deficiency may be the largest health problem in the world today according to my search on the internet. And what some people don’t realize is as you start taking more calcium it is important to keep a proper balance with magnesium.

My own story starts with a visit to my new naturopathic doctor. After describing my symptoms which included eye twitches, increased anxiety, and hot flashes, I was given a magnesium supplement to help with these specific symptoms. I will warn you as you find your proper dose you may get the runs! Also the kind of magnesium you take makes a difference. The one I took was a combination of magnesium malate/citrate/ascorbate/lactate. I tried another brand and had more stomach issues. If you have trouble taking it internally there are magnesium sprays and even using Epsom salts in your bath can help. You can try getting your magnesium from food but part of the reason so many of us are deficient is because of our depleted soil and popular farming methods.

Magnesium is utilized in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and it is suggested that 90% of us are deficient. Blood tests are unreliable in determining magnesium levels. That leaves us with checking ourselves against the list of symptoms caused by deficiency and supplementing our diet to determine if our symptoms resolve. (You can find tons of symptom lists on the internet.)

I did get relief from the eye twitches (and muscle cramps) as well as the panic attacks but the hot flashes were another story. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find something helpful.

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