Tulsi/Holy Basil

Okay as promised, here is just a toe dip into the pool of Tulsi. Tulsi is classified as an adaptogenic herb. Which means it helps stabilize the body’s response to stress. I originally found this recommended through a webinar on thyroid disease, specifically hypothyroidism. (I had thyroid surgery years ago to remove a goiter and thus half my thyroid as well.) But as I looked into it further I discovered it is also used for such things as adrenal fatigue, anxiety, acne, blood sugar, and even cancer, to mention a few. 

I do find it calming. I take it in pill form in the morning, but also in tea form if I feel stressed out. I personally like the Tulsi Tea with Moringa (also an adaptogen) however I haven’t been able to find this one for over 6 months. I think it has been a bad year for growing Moringa. I still like the Chai flavor and it comes in other flavors as well as straight Tulsi. 

So this was my first herbal find. I love it. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years and did notice a difference when I stopped taking it for a few weeks when I had run out. Compared to the feeling I had when I was on antidepressants this beats them hands down. Much less “druggy”. More natural.

Tomorrow – Ashwagandha.

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