Greater Things

I tell you the truth: whoever believes in Me will be able to do what I have done, but they will do even greater things, because I will return to be with the Father. VOICE

A promise? An opportunity? A possibility? A dormant potential?

A hope? A dream? An end to be fulfilled?

My gift is your gift.

My life is your life.

My hope is your hope.

My light is your light.

What is here burning in my heart cannot be accomplished without your power.

What plays in my mind cannot be established without your presence.

Where I falter, you uphold.

Where I am downcast, you uplift.

Where I am weak, you are strong.

Where I lack, you provide.

Where I am short-sighted, you see from beginning to end.

Where I am impatient, you wait with me sitting in a chair with a cup of tea and a smile.

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