Some posts of mine come out of obedience rather than heart. This was one of them. So now I’m going to spend sometime rewriting this to come from a better place and hopefully a place that will encourage you. I’m going to leave the original in regular font and do my rewrite in italics. I’m learning first drafts are rarely ready to go.

I shared in my last post titled Light, that God gave me this word as my one word for the year. Here on my blog I wanted to share my journey as I studied scripture pertaining to Light.

In my search I came across a psalm of David that was recorded in both 2 Samuel 22:9 and Psalm 18:28. David sings about God lighting up his darkness like a lamp.

While writing and studying scripture are two of my goals this year, thinking about this scripture brought my thoughts to another goal of creating a functional creative space. I had converted one of my kids old bedrooms into a craft room years ago. I wanted it to be bright and cheery to help me combat my depression. I absolutely loved this room. But over the years it became a space of ideas and unfinished projects. A dumping ground for things that we couldn’t find storage for elsewhere. So I began cleaning it up and putting things back in place. Yet, there was something missing, something I needed. And that was a lamp. Specifically a reading lamp. Now when I get the inspiration to write at night, my room has become more functional. And I kinda see that while my new lamp brings illumination to my physical space, God is showing me a spiritual truth. He wants to be my lamp illuminating the dark places in my life.

That can be a little scary. My life is pretty much like that room, full of unrealized dreams and cluttered with worldly concerns and anxieties. Yet, I will say, “Come, Lord Jesus! Be my light!” And he will come and my life will become more functional.


One of my goals this year was to create a functional creative space. I created a craft room a few years back. I painted it a cheery yellow with white wainscoting, so when I came in to sew, craft, bead, or write; I would feel joyful and inspired. And although I have used it on occasion, most of the time it sat unused and cluttered. Besides any lack of motivation on my part, it needed a bit more tweaking to become functional .

That is where my word for the year, (light) and my goal to create function came together. If you look at the picture, I have a brand new floor lamp. Yay! I picked this one out because it is considered a reading lamp. Just what I need to make this room not only functional during the day, but also when it gets dark.

In studying scriptures on light, I came across one that appeared in two different books; 2 Samuel 22:9 and Psalm 18:28. David had just been delivered from his enemies, including Saul, when he sang this song referring to God as his lamp, lighting up his darkness.

If I could count the number of times that I have turned on a lamp during my lifetime I’m sad to say that it would be a much larger number than the times I have turned to God to dispel my darkness. But how thankful I am that his light is more than sufficient to dispel every hidden corner of it. I am truly looking forward to adding more God Lamps to every room of my soul.

You may not be able to order God Lamps on Wayfair or Amazon, but I’m sure God has an endless supply and shipping is free. 🥰

6 thoughts on “Lamplight

  1. Renae Mckague

    I loved your updated version a lot. You did share from your heart instead of just putting information out there! Lovely. It’s quite a difference. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I would still like to get together with you and find out what your experience has been with your book. Are you going to write another one?

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