Body Image Distraction

Hi there! This is a current picture of me, as of a few minutes ago. But before you read any further, let me give a disclaimer: This post will not teach you anything or provide any answers. Nevertheless, if you believe the old adage is true that misery loves company, then welcome.

Today I had my first experience with a Meet & Greet on Zoom. It was quite hysterical as apparently I wasn’t the only one new to this platform. Watching the wrangling of an overwhelming number of amazing women sharing their writing goals for the year with all the technical challenges added in should have been enough to hold my attention.

So why wasn’t I fully focused? It was the video link of me on the bottom of the screen sitting in my chair waiting to introduce myself. My iPad was resting in front of me at a frightening angle; the dreaded angle I try hard as I might to avoid when taking selfies. I couldn’t concentrate because I didn’t want anyone to see my double chin!

Of course it doesn’t stop there. My poor body image affects my confidence, my self esteem, and worst of all my joy. Poor body image sets the stage for negative self-talk, which is a bad thing to have if you are prone to depression and anxiety. It is self defeating and self sabotaging.

The sad thing is I will never be that skinny 18 year old girl again. Can I let go? A healthy body is important and worth my attention, but is it as important as mental health? Or even spiritual health? Besides, genetically I’m prone to a double chin. God tells me he loves me, so that should count, right?

I wish I wasn’t so human. That I was better at being better. I long for the day when my vision of myself aligns with God’s vision of me. That will be a great day indeed!

12 thoughts on “Body Image Distraction

      1. Caroline

        Thank you for sharing. I also struggle with the same issues. I hide behind others in pictures, do my best to stay away from selfies and very seldom look in mirrors. I am working constantly to be able to see me like God sees me.

  1. Gena

    Mom I seriously had this very same issue when I started my class on zoom! I was so distracted by my double chin I missed out on a good portion of the first 2 classes!! Once you get a good angle then it’s easier to pay attention! 😘

      1. Sandy, I admire your honesty. Well done for persevering and participating despite the obstacles. Watch the replay and notice how we all reveal the many faces of beauty, lovingly animated by our Abba with life. And look at that stunning picture of you with your sparkly eyes and cheerful smile. I pray that each of us sees past the outside package to the woman inside. We are all attacked with self-image concerns which are unrelated to how many obvious beauty factors we possess. Fashion models can be the most self-critical women of all. Imagine having your worth tied up with your physical appearance?! At least we trade in words which reward with value for a lifetime, unfazed by the relentless pull of gravity and a few extra (or too few) pounds! Bah! Who cares about such peripheral distractions when we offer life and hope through our writing. If God used a donkey, he can use me!!

      2. Mindy, thank you so much for commenting. I loved watching your face light up as you anticipated meeting each of us. You were so gracious and patient. I will watch the replay and try to see myself through God’s eyes. Plus it will be good to listen to the other ladies with more focus. I loved hearing their goals and stories.

  2. Heide

    Sweet Sandy!
    We rarely see each other, and when we do, it is precious to see how beautifully you are aging in the Lord!
    Sure you may have a double chin (as do most of us) but when I see you I see a double portion!!!
    If that is your desire, to emit His radiance, no matter the outward man, I want you to know you are aging beautifully! I love you, Heide

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