Looking into the Dark, Looking into the Light.

My journey this year has been life-giving. Each week I watch God bring new pieces of the puzzle for me to fit together. What at first seems random suddenly seems divinely intentional. I am in awe!

The picture I posted for this was one I put together in 2018. I was learning a new perspective as I was taking a writing course called The Creative Way, by Ted Dekker. I didn’t finish that course back then but I started it again as part of my goals in FlourishWriters Academy this year.

The next puzzle piece is the Life Group I’m in. We are reading Wayne Cordeiro’s, The Divine Mentor. Last night I issued a challenge to the group to apply his recommendation to use the SOAP method of Bible reading for the next two weeks until we meet again. The women are reading the corresponding chapter of Psalms and the men, Proverbs.

Today being the 13th I read Psalm 13, giving me the next puzzle piece. These are the two verses, (I couldn’t pick one,) that stood out to me:

Take a good look at me, God, and answer me! Breathe your life into my spirit. Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darkness or I will sleep the sleep of death.

I will sing my song of joy to you, the Most High, for in all of this you have strengthened my soul. My enemies say that I have no Savior, but I know that I have one in you!
Psalm 13:3,6 – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage?search=Psalm%2013:3,6&version=TPT

In verse 3, King David is despairing, he feels God has left him, yet he still turns to God. When he stops looking at the darkness and turns his attention to what God has done and what he is doing now he turns from despair to praise.

When David prays for God to breathe life into his spirit, God answers with strength for his soul. When David prays to bring light to his eyes, he again sees his Savior.

We may be overwhelmed with our earthly situation and begin to despair, but if we turn our eyes to God, He will remind us that even the dark is light to Him. (Psalm 139:12.)

My hope for myself as I become more disciplined in spending time with my Savior in the study of the Word is that I, too, will look away from the darkness of depression and fear, and lift my face to gaze into His loving eyes seeing this life full of adventure and joy. Amen? Amen!

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