In Awe of Him

I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours a few years back, trying to follow the trend of becoming a professional blogger (read – getting paid.) I attempted a couple of classes and found a blog hosting company and opened my blog In Awe of Him as well as a second blog Sandra F. Blackburn. I had great vision of starting a magazine type blog with other writers contributing stories of the amazing things God had done in their lives. I had ideas of making a template to share with local churches where they would be able to implement the magazine for their local communities. 

I had high hopes. But I’m not too proud to admit I’ve come to the conclusion that this was a failed venture. So what you will see here are all my posts from these two blogs showing up in this blog. This is truly where I find myself in the arms of God’s grace. This is the place I find I can be transparent in my failures and successes. This is the place where I can find my hope and my joy. The Far Reaches of Grace is just another way of being In Awe of Him. But it’s home to me. We don’t deserve grace, we can’t earn grace, yet Jesus died to extend that grace to us. And I for one am very thankful he did!

Maybe we don’t need to start something new to become something new, maybe we just need to be ourselves being transformed right from where we are.

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