A Novel Idea

Just taking a break from writing my novel. Yep! That’s right! I’m actually doing it! I have had two different story lines in my head for years and when I saw an email for the NaNoWriMo challenge I left it in my inbox for weeks while I drummed up the courage to take the pledge the morning after the deadline. Of course they still let you enter. The challenge is a 50,000 word novel by November 30th, which works out to 1,666 words per day. So far I am around 500 words per day but what started out hard is actually getting easier. I’ve heard other writers say they don’t always know how the story goes until they start writing it and I am beginning to understand what they mean. It is almost like your characters have a mind of their own and they surprise you with what goes next on the page.

Am I worried that I am so far behind? No!

Can I believe that I’m not worrying about it? No, well, yes! I may or may not finish in time but for the first time it is not stopping me from continuing.

How is that possible? I am changing. I’ve written about all the supplements I take for my anxiety and depression, I’ve written about the changes in my diet, well, now I have made a few more changes and I can’t believe how good I feel.

Last May I went in for an MRI on my back because I had been experiencing increased pain which was caused by changes in the structure of my back from two prior surgeries and from an increased work schedule, working eight hour shifts as a grocery checker. This led to a cortisone injection and months of physical therapy. I was still considering a third surgery or some alternate therapy when my physical therapist discovered a therapy that finally helped me turn the corner. It was a therapy called Astym. A very painful alternative therapy, but for me it worked. I only had 4 sessions of Astym and ended with my last session using ultra sound. I am currently around 90% of the day pain free!

Next I watched the Broken Brain docu-series put on by Dr. Mark Hyman and incorporated some things I learned from that. Specifically, I added 5-HTP to my supplements last week and starting today I am adding a methylated B complex. They also suggested being outside for half an hour within the first hour of waking.

So here is my new morning routine: before I get out of bed (or after a bathroom break if I can’t wait), I do my stretches. Then I take my thyroid pill and do my strengthening exercises. Both stretches and strength exercises were from my PT. I then go for a walk. I try to take my dog, Bella. But if it is raining or windy, she plants her feet and tries to pull me back toward the house. (She’s a dachshund, they are small but very strong!) Then I have breakfast with 30 grams of protein, which was another suggestion from the series.

I have been doing this every morning for the past week and a half and my energy level, my mood, and my creativity have all soared. I get more done in the day and I am happier doing it.

I had an appointment yesterday with my Naturopathic doctor and I told her all I had added. She gave me a few adjustments to make, maybe only 20-25 grams of protein (not all animal derived), and take the 5-HTP at night if it was over 50 mg. Then I told her I was feeling so good, don’t let me stop what I’m doing. I know, for me, and I’ve heard for some, the thought that I’m better now so I don’t need to take all these supplements can lead to going back to where I started. I’ve tried that before. It doesn’t work.

I still have some progress to make with my evening routine, but I am content to be happy with where I am for now and will look forward to making the changes as I am inspired to with out worry or condemnation.

I will share more about my novel as things progress.

Grace and Peace,


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